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Nazi, a grade 11 student in Kabul told us:

“It was due to Roshan’s sponsorship that I can attend school. I can now study and complete my education.Since its inception, more than 30,000 children, like Nazi, have been supported through the program.

The ‘Roshan brings Roshan’ program, in association with Aschiana, enables Roshan’s employees and private individuals worldwide to contribute towards the education of children in Afghanistan. In 2011,189 children are currently being sponsored by Roshan and various individual donors.

Street working children are often the principal wage earners of their families. The scholarship program “Roshan Brings Roshan” offers street working children the opportunity to receive some formal education and therefore boost their future earning potential.

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It is Roshan’s intention to create opportunities for education that will be the catalyst that lifts these young Afghans out of poverty. Roshan has contributed over 5 million meals since 2004.

Roshan has also distributed around 500 boxes clothes to more than 1000 needy families of children at ASCHIANA. In addition, a Winter clothing drive to 600 girls at ASCHIANA on winter of 2013 and a Blanket drive to the 1,800 women on the winter of 2012.

In seeking to improve the living standards of street children, Roshan Community provides a nutritious meal to young girls and boys on school days at Aschiana’s locations in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat and Parwan. By ensuring children have access to a meal, they are encouraged to attend school and thereby receive an education.

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