Pictures of Aschiana4


Aschiana Nazi, a grade 11 student in Kabul told us: “It was due to Roshan’s sponsorship that I can attend school. I can now study and complete my education.Since its inception, more than 30,000 children, like Nazi, have been supported through the program. The ‘Roshan brings Roshan’ program, in association with Aschiana, enables Roshan’s employees [...]

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Qalat E-learning center

Students learining in E-learning


QALAT E-LEARNING CENTER The Roshan E-Learning centers are refurbished containers powered by solar panels, and housing laptops plus other communications equipment. These act as e-learning centers in communities or as classrooms. . These centers are procured locally to boost local commerce and create jobs. They are locally maintained by the community[…]

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