Product / Service Enhancements

We examine business with a multi-faceted approach related to product or service enhancements including models of delivery that create differentiation. It’s not just about a better phone, it’s how the better phone is made accessible. It’s not about the better soap product its whether its smaller and recyclable.

Product / Service Creation

We examine the whole value chain of a business, integrating sustainability throughout the process by developing customized innovative methods. We also look at the sector with the question ‘how can we participate in a unique way that is better?’. The purpose of our efforts is to create a product or service that disrupts the market. For example, placing tags that can be scanned on products that have indigenous designs and making them accessible in western markets, so that purchasers know their purchase is directly helping an individual in the developing world.

Global Expansion and Growth

We help companies expand by looking beyond the local to national and international and the phases of growth. We help businesses make local connections by providing expertise and contacts, connecting you with community influencers. For example, if a business leader has endorsed a product and says “this is good”, the community is quick to follow.

Business Model Innovation

We take existing business models and look to break through barriers with sustainable innovation. An example is a solar panel for housing based on a lease or microfinance instrument. This integrates sustainability with business model innovation. Purchasing a solar product is expensive, often times it requires secured debt. A lease or microfinance model provides access and is affordable. Providing an affordable alternative addresses need and creates demand.Another example is using a mobile phone to provide access to banking products. This enables the small amounts of cash to be transacted. Integrating that with a platform that provides farmers with market data and other farming data, begins to develop a cost effective eco system for farmers, their clients, suppliers and banks. Ultimately this allows the underpriveleged access to the same products and services that we all have, and provides business the opportunity to expand into untapped markets.

International Expansion

We view industries and regional markets in terms of their stages of development and nascent potential. For example, India is a major hub for the global software industry.However, Afghanistan could be cheaper and could create a solid alternative software development with its unique pool of talent that are highly skilled and multi-lingual.

Deep Understanding of Developing World Markets

We provide western organizations with the ‘eyes’ to see what is happening in the developing world. We are actively working on the ground in those regions and can provide unique insight into where investments and resources can be utilized for the greatest effect.

Joint Ventures / Greenfield Projects

We partner with your organization to help establish joint ventures, greenfield projects – connecting projects with funders or partners on the ground – being the conduit that manages that partner.